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In today’s healthcare industry, managing information in a timely manner is more important than ever.

Whether organizing medical records, insurance information or pharmaceutical data, healthcare professionals need access to information quickly and correctly. Time is money, and no industry understands that better than healthcare. Wasted time translates to money and resources lost, and the lives of patients and clients may rest on timely access to information.

Medical records are a critical component of business operations within healthcare professions. However, their value depends on information being correctly recorded and easily accessed. Effective records management ensures that information is accurate and readily available. Document imaging helps healthcare professionals quickly and easily compile information from various sources within their database. The right document management system can handle volumes of complex data while providing system-wide access from anywhere, whether in a hospital or a private clinic. All of CTI Health’s solutions operate under strict and fully HIPAA-compliant security protocols.

CTI Health is the expert in providing healthcare-centric solutions such as medical record scanning, chart abstraction and data entry, incentive/reimbursement program criteria, EMR migration, virtual medical assistant services, and more.

Visit our healthcare solutions page for more information

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In the pharmaceutical industry, information management can be a real pill.

Dealing with heavy industry regulations and stringent IT requirements means that audit trails must be complete and vital business documents can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

‘Compliance’ and ‘validation’ are two key words in the biotech and pharmaceutical vocabulary. Introducing a new drug or a biotechnological process to market is spread out over years and spans multiple departments within a company. Tracking progress on individual projects is very complicated, and the audit trails are endless!

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are faced with numerous challenges while managing critical documentation. This is where CTI comes in. We understand that document management must be enterprise-wide to ensure that deliverables from all users can be easily accessed and collated by project managers and staff to cut down on the time needed to prepare for validation and FDA regulations.

Reap the benefits of a pharmaceutical-focused document management solution:

The inefficiency of paper-based or standalone document management systems is counterproductive and costly. Eliminate high ongoing costs associated with numerous facilities and employees maintaining separate records management systems for each location. Plus, benefit from increased collaboration and a centralized document repository.

Save space and time by finding your documents in an easily searchable database and also in human readable format. Paper documents require a great deal of expensive storage space, so go digital and ditch the storage facility. Use the money you save to invest in research and development.
Create greater efficiencies during the document review process. Eliminate excessive meetings and multiple versions of the same documents – have all your documents in place for discussion, review, and changes and be able to easily obtain approvals and signatures. It’s really just as easy as that!

Detailed audit trails are a breeze with the right document management solution. You will have audit trails on the creation and modification of various documents during the development of a drug or process.

Look to us to help keep you organized and compliant. Contact CTI today to speak to an experienced document management specialist.

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Financial Services

Few professions are more familiar with paper than those in financial services.

From wealth management and advisory firms, insurance companies and credit unions, to mortgage and brokerage offices, all are paper-intensive environments with a need to reduce costs and increase service offerings. Furthermore, the challenge of maintaining operational efficiencies while complying with various regulatory laws means it’s more important than ever to streamline processes and work smarter, not harder.

The retail and commercial banking industry can be a fiercely competitive business. In this aggressive marketplace, success is measured by an institution’s ability to demonstrate operational efficiency, comprehensive, lower-cost services and an improved customer experience, all while meeting performance goals, driving profitability and adhering to compliance. Compound these challenges with the ever-changing technological landscape, and it’s clear why every organization must implement top-notch solutions.

Top 10 Ways Financial Institutions Can Benefit From the Expertise of a Trusted Document Management Partner:

  1. Regulatory adherence to the PATRIOT Act, FRCP, Check Truncation Act, and Check 21
  2. Audit trail of all documents to provide accountability
  3. Improved customer relationships through more effective and prompt service
  4. Manage customer account information with a single, centralized repository
  5. Instant retrieval and enhanced security
  6. Immediate ROI through rapid installation and improved profitability on banking services
  7. Eliminate paper handling costs, document loss and associated contingent liabilities
  8. Disaster recovery and reliable digital archiving
  9. Increased employee efficiency
  10. Larger customer base without need for additional staffing

Spend your money wisely and embrace simplicity: Partner with CTI for your conversion and digitization needs.

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In the competitive and highly regulated insurance industry, document management can cost-effectively remedy inefficient agency processes.

Proper use of document management contributes to maximized agency profitability, surpassing simple ROI factors. Insurance professionals everywhere are discovering that their ability to effectively manage agency information is a major determinant of success.

Agencies that are overloaded with information use document management systems to leverage their content in order to create new opportunities for profit and growth. Document management provides key savings and efficiencies which pave the way to achieving both long and short-term agency goals. No longer just a luxury designed for large conglomerates, document management is a necessity accessible to small and mid-sized insurance agencies.

With all the things an insurance agency handles on a daily basis, such as policy underwriting, claims processing, customer data entry, actuarial and investment activities, invoice procedures, discount verification, money transfers and more, being well-organized is a requirement to avoiding slow operations and increased costs that will have a long-term effect the bottom line.
Document management provides a way to streamline and often automate day-to-day processes that can overwhelm an agency’s staff.

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When it comes to accumulating enormous volumes of paper, educational institutions earn an A+!

Enrollment forms, applications, parent and student correspondence, student health records, accounting, personnel files, special education records, rosters, transcripts, test results, email, and daily communications – it’s never-ending.

Document conversion helps schools respond to and serve the demands of students, parents, teachers, state and federal regulators, and taxpayers. Digitizing, standardizing, and automating business processes boosts productivity, efficiency, and helps schools adhere to compliance standards.

Convert your scholastic documentation now and benefit from:

  • A centralized repository of student and teacher records
  • Automated business processes such as forms submission and approval
  • Reduced costs of paper, copy and storage
  • Security-based accessibility of documents
  • Online access to information and resources for students, parents, and administrators
  • Improved service and collaboration to promote speedier decision-making
  • The ability to create annotations, redactions, revisions, and versions of documents such as budgets and contracts
  • Application of document retention rules to save on data storage while complying with regulations
  • Audit trails for all document activity performed within the system
  • Compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

No document left behind! Partner with CTI for your scholastic conversion and embrace simplicity.

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To succeed in today’s manufacturing industry, modern corporations must respond quickly to customer demands, while minimizing stock and operational costs.

Maintaining a competitive edge means a company’s information must be managed effectively at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Corporate data can be comprised of anything from CAD drawings, specifications and schedules, to invoices and production records. Finding a way to store all these various types of documents in a single repository is necessary for a manufacturing company to achieve its optimal level of efficiency.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. The right document management system offers manufacturing companies of any size the opportunity to streamline their processes and implement a more effective way of doing business. Turning paperwork into electronic documents offers savings on storage and delivery costs. It also shortens response times to customer service inquiries and empowers employees to exceed customer expectations.

As a catalyst to achieving optimized business processes, a document management system can help your organization leverage its content as a tool to create new opportunities, increase profit, and generate greater savings.

Get organized, be cutting-edge. Partner with CTI for your document management needs.

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Law firms invest their intellectual capital, research resources, and their most valuable asset – time – to provide services to their clients.

The results usually manifest in the form of documents. The ability to manage, share, secure, distribute, and back up all corporate data without wasting precious time can be a major factor in a firm’s success.

Document management is a springboard to optimized business processes, allowing your organization to leverage its content for the creation of new opportunities, swelled profits, and greater savings. No time is ever wasted searching for documents in firms using document management systems.

A user-friendly interface allows fast and easy search and retrieval of all documents. There is no longer a need to justify wasting resources on storage and courier costs that might’ve been necessary to locate archived documents. With the reliability of electronic versions, no documents are lost – ever.

Using front-end scanning processes, documents are captured quickly and easily from the first time they are handled. Images of documents are immediately available in the document management system, while electronically routed documents are stored in their original file format. Many document management systems allow configuration of custom workflows so that documents can be routed quickly and accurately through each step of your business process.

With the capabilities of document management, you can create custom indexing structures that allow any piece of knowledge to be searchable. Locate documents by any criteria, including custom fields that you define. You can also instantly find documents containing specific information using our full-text Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine. Advanced search options allow you to retrieve documents based on any combination of keywords, wildcards, or ranges. A document management system integrates with any legal management system to increase document indexing accuracy and eliminate dual data entry.

Enjoy precision and accuracy, and give your documents due process. Partner with CTI for your legal document management needs, including litigation support, closing binder services, and more.

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CTI works with companies across all industries and markets. Contact us to discuss how CTI can streamline your business.

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