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Electronic Medical Records

When looking for a Healthcare Process Improvement and Medical Records Management solution, you’ve come to the right place. CTI is a leading provider of document scanning, business process improvement and medical chart abstraction services. CTI Health has successfully partnered with dozens of hospitals and healthcare provider facilities, completing over 500,000 chart abstractions and producing over 50 million images. When your practice teams up with CTI Health, you will benefit from our 20+ years of expertise in the medical field. CTI’s customized, easy-to-use document management solutions can help healthcare organizations of all sizes reduce costs, increase productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance.

EMR Data Migration icon

Choosing the right EMR is challenging. Especially if it’s not your first system. With hundreds of options available, it’s critical that your most vital operational and clinical data is moved and housed properly. Let CTI EMR Data Migration services guide you. Find out more about electronic medical record data migration here.

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Completing patient assessment forms has been a true nightmare for most providers. They are time consuming and take away from daily productivity. Let CTI help you reduce your form completions by 75% or more and earn you additional annual revenue! Find out more about healthcare incentive processing here.

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Some clients may wish to scan records and have them organized and indexed by a remote medical assistant. CTI Health offers Virtual Medical Assistant services specifically for clients with this requirement. To find out more about virtual medical assistant services, click here.

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CTI’s data abstractions services provides a unique approach for day to day or Go Live large abstraction needs. By prioritizing the patient appointment schedule into its abstraction management software, more practices can be converted simultaneously without falling behind. Find out more about clinical data abstraction here.

CTI Can Also Help With

Document Scanning

On and off-site medical and patient record scanning. Documents can be indexed, classified, and integrated into the EMR/EHR. All medical charts are scanned and made available on our secure, HIPPA compliant online repository prior to import within 24 hours or less. There is no disruption to your daily patient appointments. Find out more about document scanning here.

AP Invoice Processing

CTI can cut your costs significantly to process an invoice! If you prefer to not process your invoices yourself, CTI provides “touchless” solutions for your Accounts Payable outsourcing needs. Never touch another piece of paper again. CTI will retrieve your invoices daily from a variety of sources; P.O. Box, email or e-invoices sent by your vendors. Find out more about AP invoice processing here.

Data Entry

From clinical abstraction to day forward scanning, CTI provides the highest level of accuracy for data entering your most critical information. Save time and money by allowing CTI to maintain your data entry needs. Find out more about data entry here.

Human Resources

Eliminate the paper-intensive structure of the employee onboarding process: simplify and streamline HR workflows to increase efficiency and reduce paperwork. Find out more about human resources here.

Enterprise Content Management

CTI offers document management software that can be hosted in the cloud or on premise. Our software can also be integrated into your line of business solutions and are HIPPA compliant. Find out more about enterprise content management here.

Scanners, Hardware, & Maintenance

CTI is a proud reseller and authorized dealer of scanning and imaging hardware from some of the biggest names in the industry. In addition we provide nationwide service by partnering with vendors like Kodak and Fujitsu. Find out more about scanners, hardware, and maintenance here.

Records Storage and Destruction

CTI will guide you through the paper to digital process. The big question after you convert is “What do I do with my paper now?” CTI provides several options depending on the legal responsibility associated with the documents. We can provide record storage for long term legal commitments or destruction services if the documents can be destroyed. Find out more about record storage and destruction here.

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